Co-Op Business Development and Estimation Officer

Position: Co-Op Business Development and Estimation Officer (4 months – September – December 2023)

Job Summary/Overview:

As a Co-Op in Business Development and Estimation, you will be exposed to many facets of the company to gain a depth and breadth of our business and industry as a whole. You will be shadowing the General Manager to receive hands-on experience;

  • How decisions are made
  • Client/Supplier/Vendor relations
  • People and Site Management
  • Identifying cost risks as it relates to current and future projects
  • Job review and Estimating strategies based on current market conditions
  • Reviewing current and past production methods to refine pricing strategies
  • Learning on the job-site to verify production quantities and assess project progression

Key Responsibilities

Market Review & Data Interpretation:

  • Review daily tender boards for current opportunities to collect, process, and interpret market data in identifying specific opportunities pertaining Agg-Flo type of work and trends in the industry as a whole
  • Shadowing client meetings to evaluate the viability of our specialized services to diverse client bases, prospective organizations, and varied market sectors
  • Participating in ensure that all budgets and estimates are well researched; proper quantities established, based on current and historical information and reflect current trends in the market
  • Assist with collection and presentation of documents and reports for review and close-out process
  • Assist in reviewing documents for proposals to enable complete estimate preparation.

Strategic Business Planning:

  • Reviewing trends within the market relative to construction tendering, materials and construction processes and relevant technologies;
  • Participate in developing, executing, and analyzing comprehensive business plans, including marketing, operations, and financial strategies.
  • Identify potential new services based on evolving market needs and current construction methods
  • Participate in bid management meetings and estimate reviews
  • Participate in reviewing specifications to identify scope of projects
  • Assist with risk assessment and management processes

Internal/External Client Relations & Stakeholder Management:

  • Establish effective working relations with all consultants, contractors, suppliers and partners, on which we depend for the successful execution of the construction program;
  • Assisting with estimates for the clients to help them to get a cost breakdown and plan their budget
  • Assist in updating construction takeoff based on client review/changes
  • Participate and attend project meetings and job showings as required
  • Assist with communication of sub-trades
  • Assist with change management process (i.e. clarifying changes, helping resolve issues, and pricing change orders)
  • Review and assess tender specifications, drawings, and reports
  • Facilitate internal and external communication regarding any changes, modifications or additional requirements and manage conflict through solution-oriented alternatives. Involve all parties as required and lead/coordinate all necessary meetings
  • Apply leadership and teamwork skills to maintain effective working relationships across all levels of the company
  • Proactively communicate any changes or updates in sourcing operations that might impact client projects or stakeholder interests
  • Assist in planning, directing, and executing projects in collaboration with cross-functional teams to meet all stakeholders’ interests.

Financial Management:

  • Participate and support construction function strategy as it relates to pre-construction planning and support, budgeting, value added costing, material sourcing and estimating with the goal of ensuring profitability and fiscal responsibility
  • Advise and suggest improvements with regards to all areas for cost savings and waste reducing
  • Identify and evaluate risks associated with each project
  • Participate in review process during pre-construction activities to achieve the financial goals of the organization

Ethics & Corporate Responsibility:

  • Uphold and promote the principles of business ethics in all dealings
  • Prioritize corporate responsibility in decision-making, particularly with regards to environmental impact and sustainable practices

Key Skills

  • Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal (Customer focused) skills.
  • A strong willingness to learn and the ability to adapt swiftly in a fast-paced environment are crucial
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite products
  • Ability to analyze historical project data and apply to present bidding strategies
  • Effective verbal/written communication skills, attention to detail and accuracy
  • Problem solving; result focus; accountability and dependability; ethics and integrity;
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Highly detail oriented, self-directed, organized, and proactive
  • Support other department personnel as required
  • Perform additional tasks as required


  • Co-Op placement – Unpaid


  • TBD based on students schedule (20-30 hrs)


  • Currently enrolled in or completed a Post Graduate Business Degree/Certificate.
  • Previous experience or knowledge in the construction industry is an asset, but not mandatory.

Work remotely:

  • No – In Person